We Were So Wrong!

In 2014, we stopped reprinting physical copies of the Student Pages for Writing With Ease, Level 4, thinking that there wasn’t much demand for them. We thought the PDF would be sufficient. But we were so very wrong! It turns out that lots of you loved using them in that format. Customers said such things as:

  • “Why have you robbed my child of the excitement of seeing the mailman deliver a package from Peace Hill Press? Downloading a PDF doesn’t have the same thrill. She is crying now. What is wrong with you people?”
  • “Our entire class had to huddle around one computer, to share this PDF. We should be able to give each child a copy.”‘
  • “Bring back paper copies! I hate trees and I want to kill as many of them as possible.”

We have listened to your concerns, and we’ve admitted our mistake. The Student Pages for Writing With Ease, Level 4 are now once again available in physical form!

We are so, so sorry. Now, please stop sending us angry emails. We’ll be good from now on.



Press Minion


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