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For over twenty years, Well-Trained Mind Press has helped parents and teachers from around the world create the best possible education for the children they love. You’re not on this journey alone. We’re here to help.

Free articles and videos for new and seasoned homeschoolers.

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Curated curricula recommendations from The Well-Trained Mind: Essential Edition. Yearly subscription.

Well-Trained Mind: Essential Edition

Curricula Recommendations Portal

Dynamic online version of the traditional book recommendations.

Explore handpicked curricula, educational resources, and book recommendations meticulously curated by Susan Wise Bauer and the Well-Trained Mind Press team. Annual Subscription.

The Well-Trained Mind Press

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Whether you’re new to homeschooling, a seasoned homeschooler moving into the next stage of home education, or an educator seeking assistance in adapting our curricula to the classroom setting, we’re here for you. Explore articles and videos that walk you through homeschooling from preschool to college transcripts and beyond.


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We take your child’s education seriously, which is why we create easy-to-use, engaging, child-friendly, parent-approved curricula for home or classroom use. Explore our titles and samples today.

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Thousands of parents and educators share tips and recommendations, encourage each other, and find support through our forums. You’re not on this journey alone. The Well-Trained Mind Forums are here to help.

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Free resources to help teach your child

Help for Homeschool Beginners

Just getting started? We’ll help you take the first steps of your homeschooling journey!

Help for Everyone

These articles will help you decide what, and how, to teach. Learn more about methods, teaching techniques, and more.

Using our Curricula

Learn even more about how to use our curricula with these helpful videos and articles (created by actual authors and teachers).

Online Resources for Our Curricula

Here you’ll find some great resources that we couldn’t fit into The Well-Trained Mind or Rethinking School, along with downloadable placement tests and supplemental materials.