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The History of the World

Susan Wise Bauer's history for adults and advanced high school students.


The Story of the World

Shop our best-selling history series for elementary and middle-grade students.


Myths, Legends, Fairytales, and Fables

Fire up your child’s imagination with classic myths, fables, fairy tales, and original stories!


Biography and History Audiobooks

Chivalrous knights, fearless explorers, ingenious inventors, daring pirates, the occasional brave horse - if  your kids don’t love history, they haven’t heard the right stories!


Famous Figures

Creative history for the classical child! Each Famous Figures set presents historical figures from a specific era.


First Language Lessons

Give your child a strong foundation in clear communications and the skills needed for good writing with First Language Lessons, an easy-to-use four-year grammar curriculum for the early elementary years. 


Facts That Stick

In just fifteen minutes a day, you can help your child build a strong foundation in math.


Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind

Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind is a thorough, easy-to-use grammar program that takes students from basic definitions through advanced sentence structure and analysis.


Who in the World

Illustrated junior-reader biographies of men and women from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


Books and Fun for Parents

Whether you are trying to educate your children, educate yourself, or navigate the school system without getting lost in the Forest of Bureaucracy, Susan Wise Bauer has a book for you!


Conference Audios

Perhaps you’ve never had the chance to hear Susan Wise Bauer speak in person.


Graphic Novels

Beautifully illustrated books bring ancient scriptures to life for modern students.


Math with Confidence

End math struggles and ignite math confidence!  Kate Snow’s comprehensive curriculum will help you teach math with confidence all year long.


The Creative Writer

This middle- or high-school creative writing program makes a wonderful elective for that student who loves to create stories, novels, and poems, but who needs focus and wise guidance.


The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

Give your child a strong beginning in reading with our phonics-based program, The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading.


Writing With Ease

Teach elementary students how to transform thoughts into well-structured written paragraphs with the Complete Writer: Writing With Ease series.


Writing With Skill

Our Writing With Skill series teaches middle and high-school students the skills they will need for academic and workplace writing, including outlining, research, citation, and the construction of full-length essays in history, literature, science, and other subjects.


Listen-Read-Perform Companion Readers

Improve reading fluency, vocabulary, and more with these beautifully illustrated books.


Fiction and Poetry Audiobooks

Thrill to these classic tales full of pirates, fantastic creatures, daring escapes, young love, and mystery.


Telling God’s Story

The center of the Christian faith is Jesus. So our Telling God’s Story series, suitable for home or church use, uses passages from the Gospels to teach elementary-age students about his life, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection.