In books involving tens of thousands of words, hundreds of unusual names, and thousands of facts, some typos and even mistakes are likely to occur. And we at Well-Trained Mind Press, despite our attention to detail, are not exempt from this possibility. To meet our goal of producing resources of the utmost quality, we hunt for errors and correct them wherever they are found. We also value our brilliant readers, whether parents, children, or schoolteachers, who help us by bringing questions and potential mistakes to our attention.

Here are corrections that we have made to some of our books since the original printings, based on typos or errors that we, or our helpful readers, have found. These have been corrected in subsequent printings of the books, so your particular copy may already have been updated and may not contain these errors. If your copy does contain one of these errors, please insert the change as it is listed below. If you have a question about any of these items, or if you have found a possible misprint or error that does not yet appear on this page, please contact our proofreader.