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Introducing The Diagramming Dictionary

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Well-Trained Mind Press Staff

Have you or your students ever struggled with sentence diagramming? Have you ever looked at a sentence, sensed something about it was off, but couldn’t quite figure out why? Do you want to improve your writing? Do your students struggle with grammar? 

We’d like to present to you The Diagramming Dictionary, a complete reference guide packed with examples of how to diagram every part of speech. This beautiful, easy-to-use manual walks you through diagramming, from the simplest constructions to the most complicated phrases and clauses. 

The video below introduces you to The Diagramming Dictionary and its authors, Jessica Otto (middle school grammar instructor at The Well-Trained Mind Academy and Susan Wise Bauer (creator of the Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind series).  Jessica and Susan discuss how The Diagramming Dictionary came about, show us examples from the book, and explain how to use it, adding some diagramming tips along the way.

We hope The Diagramming Dictionary proves to be an indispensable guide for you for years to come.

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