New Name, Same Great Taste!

Peace Hill Press is becoming Well-Trained Mind Press!WTMPFacebook

We have been Peace Hill Press for fifteen years. We are proud of the books that bear its name, and we are proud of its associations with our local geography (although it’s somewhat misleading, since our county is nearly a swamp, and the “hill” in question would be called a “speed bump” in most parts of the world). But for a long time we’ve known that people have a hard time remembering what we do. Since our materials are designed to go along with the classical methods described in The Well-Trained Mind*, the new name makes the connection between our curricula and the book itself much clearer.

Nothing else has changed except for the name…we are the same people, crafting the same high-quality resources, consuming the same dangerously high amounts of caffeine, and writing the same nonsensical Facebook posts.

Keep your eyes open for our special Celebrating Our New Name sale on April 4th!

If you have questions, contact us at [email protected] or 1.877.322.3445.

The Folks at Well-Trained Mind Press

*Have you pre-ordered the 4th edition yet? It’s chock-full of awesome new stuff!


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