• Article News Jim Weiss’s Favorite Audiobooks

    “What is your favorite recording?” is the question that both Jim Weiss and his wife Randy are most often asked. “Admittedly, we both flounder a bit when we hear this question; once each recording becomes…

  • Product Jim Weiss Baby Shower Bundle

    Our newest bundle of joy is perfect for parents of little “bundles of joy.” It features beloved storyteller Jim Weiss at his most charming and soothing. For over twenty years, parents have tucked their little…

  • Product Jim Weiss Egypt and Ancient Greece Bundle

    Explore the history and mysteries of Egypt & Greece with these four audiobooks from storyteller Jim Weiss.

  • Product Jim Weiss Distant Lands Bundle

    Travel the world with these five thrilling audiobooks from storyteller Jim Weiss. Save 10% when you buy this bundle!

  • Product Jim Weiss Renaissance Bundle

    Save 10% when you combine these five Jim Weiss audio retellings of the people, discoveries, battles, and stories of the Renaissance.

  • Product Jim Weiss Presidential Bundle

    Save when you purchase all of these stories of past Presidents who led America through troubled times. Format: Audio CD

  • Product Jim Weiss Sampler

    Excellence in Audio – Jim Weiss’ storytelling recordings have received the highest awards from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Storytelling World, The Film Advisory Board, AudioFile, NAPPA, and the American Library Association, and…

  • Timeline of Jim Weiss Stories and Tales

    This timeline shows the various stories from Jim Weiss in their chronological order. Some tales are timeless and are noted at the bottom the chart. Click a title to visit the recording’s page. Not sure…

  • Jim’s Recordings by Age Level

    This page lists the Jim Weiss’ stories, presorted for age suitability. Your child may listen to whatever stories they want, but these categories give them a good place to start! Click a title to visit…

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    You adore your five-year-old. She’s so sweet-natured, so in love with the world, so curious, so talkative, so active, so always-in-motion, so…exhausting. And at the end of a long day of exploration and learning and…