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The Parables of Jesus


A variety of visual styles bring the parables of Jesus to life in this compelling graphic novel. Jesus told stories that surprised and intrigued his hearers, and now children can experience fourteen of them in a fresh way.

Product Overview

A hurricane howls towards a house built on sand. A nighttime intruder creeps onto enemy land. A boy leaves home to seek adventure. Robbers menace a lonely traveler. And the unexpected happens.

This new and innovative graphic-novel translation of the parables of Jesus puts a modern twist on an ancient art form: stories that begin with mundane events and end with a glimpse of a deeper reality. Earnest Graham’s illustrations, ranging in style from West African kente and Japanese prints to vivid modern realism, interpret these well-loved stories for the next generation of readers.

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  1. Sandra Fenter

    What ages would these be good for?

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