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Telling God’s Story: A Parents’ Guide to Teaching the Bible


Communicate the truth of the Bible to your children faithfully, powerfully, and with joy. The clear plan in A Parents’ Guide describes a thorough approach to teaching the Bible. For a complete curriculum with scripted lessons and engaging activities that follow this pattern, add the Instructor Text and Activity Book for each year.

Product Overview

This accessible and engaging book gives parents a grasp of what the Bible is (and is not), and helps them communicate its truth to their children faithfully, powerfully, and with joy. Peter Enns (author of the popular NIV Application Commentary on Exodus) provides parents and teachers with a straightforward and intelligent plan for teaching the Bible. Beginning with the Gospels to introduce the youngest students to Jesus, Enns suggests continuing on to the more complex stories of the Old and New Testaments for middle grade students, and finally guiding high school students into a vital understanding of the history and culture of biblical times.

Telling God’s Story is designed to help parents as they encourage their children to become mature, knowledgeable, and humble followers of Jesus.

What customers are saying


  1. Georgia Stapleton

    I am going to to use “Telling God’s Story” with my granddaughter. Will I need both the Parent’s guide and the Instructor text/ parent’s guide text book?

  2. griggsvillemama

    We are starting to homeschool our daughter at the 4th grade level. I am now in search of next year’s curricula. Telling God’s Story is intriguing but we will not be homeschooling for the full 12 year cycle. Is this series set up as a “stand alone” or do you have to include all 12 years in your study cycle?

    Thank you!

    Janet Poppema

  3. Dietrich Winter

    For middle grade students just starting with this curriculum should we start with one of the later books in the four instructor’s texts? Or is it necessary to start at year one?

  4. Bianca Simmonds-Calhoun

    I am homeschooling three children (6th grade, 4th grade & 1st grade). Is this curriculum appropriate for me to use with all 3?

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