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The Count of Monte Cristo

From: $11.01

Prison breaks! Secret identities! Hidden treasure! And a quest for justice. Jim Weiss brings you this thrilling adaptation of the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas.

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Downloadable MP3
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Audio CD

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Young sailor Edmond Dantes has it all – a loving fiancé, a bright future – but when jealous friends and political plots entangle him, he is thrown into a dreaded island prison for life. Who he meets and what he learns there will send him on a wild journey full of last-minute escapes, buried treasure, and the hardest question of all . . . will he seek revenge on those who tried to ruin him, or will he find a better path?

Jim Weiss abridged and adapted Alexandre Dumas’ massive book to create an exciting audio recording that parents and children alike will enjoy, one which brings to life a colorful cast of characters. This recording would make an excellent supplement to chapter 33 of The Story of the World, Volume Three.

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