The Story of the World, Volume 3: Early Modern Times

The Story of the World, Volume 3: Early Modern Times

Chapter 4, page 43, text says “land in front him” but should say “land in front of him.”

Chapter 8, Page 81, bottom: “ruled this part of world” should be “ruled this part of the world.”

Chapter 8, page 82, Seleucids is sometimes spelled correctly but then is wrongly spelled as “Seluecids” in the sentence that ends with: “grew larger as the Selucids lost power.” Change that one to Seleucids.

Chapter 9, page 94, geographic error. Change the paragraph to “The Protestant King of Sweden, Gustavus II, watched in horror. Sweden lies just across a narrow sea from Denmark; now the armies of the Holy Roman Emperor were camped just a few miles from his own country.”

Chapter 11, page 109: text says “Twenty thousand craftsman labored” when it should say “Twenty thousand craftsmen labored.”

Chapter 12, page 117…“Two years after the war began, Cromwell helped lead the Roundheads into battle…”

Chapter 12, page 124, top of page says “account of plague” but should say “account of the plague.”

Chapter 14, page 137, contains a potentially confusing sentence about the “First Reich.” CUT “Now, Prussia belonged to the first Reich or the first German kingdom. (Reich is the German word for “kingdom.”)”. And at the end of the next paragraph (“until this time…”) insert the following sentences: “They used the word Reich—the German word for “kingdom”—to refer to this German kingdom.”

Chapter 15, page 143, change “the colonists had guns” to “the colonists had more guns” (we did this because the Indians had guns too, as the SOTW 3 text goes on to say)

Chapter 15, page 145, text says “The Iroquois had always been more warlike than Huron” when it should say “The Iroquois had always been more warlike than the Hurons.”

Chapter 15, page 147, text says, “Ships from Canada came to the ports of New France, bringing French goods…” But Canada is the same thing as New France, so we changed it to “ships from France”

Chapter 15, page 151, says “Maryland, the colony just east of Pennsylvania…” but Maryland is SOUTH, not east, of Pennsylvania. Changed to “Maryland, the colony just south of Pennsylvania…”

Chapter 15, page 152, in the sentence, “Mary was a protestant,” Protestant should be capitalized, in order to be consistent w/ the rest of the paragraph and w/ the rest of the book.

Chapter 16, On page 158, paragraph beginning “In his book…” change “life, health, liberty, and possession” to “life, health, liberty, and possessions”

Chapter 17, page 172, “When the weakened Swedes finally met the Russian in battle” should read “When the weakened Swedes finally met the Russians in battle”

Chapter 18, page 178, “in no danger of become western” should be “in no danger of becoming Western.”

Chapter 20, page 197, in talking about settlers going from China to Taiwan, change “boats sailing from the mainland toward the Chinese coast.” to “…toward the Taiwanese coast.”

Chapter 21, page 204, when Washington comes back from his dangerous expedition to take a message to the French, change “Dinwiddie made Washington into an officer” to “Dinwiddie promoted Washington to a higher rank…”

Chapter 22, page 215, misspelling: Change “…and to assume among the power of the earth…” to “and to assume among the powers of the earth…”

Chapter 22, page 215 – second to last line … should say “the Delaware River” instead of the “Delaware”

Chapter 22, page 216, text says “…had just won the Seven Year’s War!” when the name of the war, both in other history books and in our book (chapter 21) is the Seven Years’ War. We make the same typo in CHAPTER 25, PAGE 239. In other places in the book we punctuate it correctly.

Chapter 24, page 229, second paragraph. Change “war ships” to “warships”

Chapter 25, page 240 (3 times), and page 245 (2 times) change Marie-Antoinette to Marie Antoinette (no hyphen)

Chapter 25, page 241, “Mass” should be capitalized

Chapter 25, page 243 (2 times) and page 244 (1 time) change “Tuilieres” to Tuileries.

Chapter 25, page 244, typo: “like Charles II” should be changed to “like Charles I.”

Chapter 26, page 249, typographical error: change the one occurrence of “Peter Ulirch” to Ulrich.

Page 254, “ambassadors from France and Russia” should be “ambassadors from France and Prussia,”

Chapter 27, page 263, capitalize “army” in this case.

Chapter 27, page 264 (Twice) Change “firing pin” to “bayonet” in both places.

Chapter 29, page 276, delete reference to Mona Lisa and say, ““Many great Italian works of art are still in Paris today.”

Chapter 29, page 280, capitalization error: text says “out into the English channel” but it should say “out into the English Channel.”

Chapter 30, page 286, we have deleted the reference to malaria, as it is a separate disease from “yellow fever.” The French troops had yellow fever.

Chapter 32, 297-298: Mississippi river should be changed to Missouri river in one place on 297 and 2 places on 298.

Chapter 32, page 300, 10 times…Shoshoni should be spelled Shoshone.

Chapter 32, page 301, “new plant and animals” should be “new plants and animals.”

Chapter 32, page 305, the first occurrence of “Choctaw” should be “Choctaws,” in order to be consistent with the next sentence.

Page 309, change English navy to British navy

Chapter 33, page 311, “Americans sailors” should be “American sailors.”

Chapter 33, page 312, “the British sent part of its navy” should be “Britain sent part of its navy”

ALSO on that page, insert a comma to make Washington DC say Washington, DC.

Chapter 34, TWICE on page 325, ONCE on page 326, “Columbia” should be spelled “Colombia” in this case (when referring to the South American republic)

Chapter 37, page 348 change “kingdoms” to “nations”

Chapter 41 ,on 375 and also on page 376, change paheka to pakeha

Chapter 41, page 376 “the Maori would recognize England as its ruler” should be “the Maori would recognize England as their ruler.” “Maori” is plural…

Chapter 41, page 379, we should insert a comma between “Flagstaff War” and “had ended,” since “Flagstaff War” is a parenthetical phrase.

Dates page 388, entry for “1649”: change “Charles II of England is executed” to “Charles I of England is executed”

Index Page 408, add entry for Marie Antoinette (she is on pages 240 and 245)

Index, page 412, the listing for “Peking” says that Peking is only mentioned on page 192, but in fact Peking is ALSO mentioned on 103

Index Page 416 change Shoshoni to Shoshone

Index Page 418 change Marie-Madeline de Vercheres to Marie-Madeleine de Vercheres to match the way that this person is named in the text.

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