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Gone West: Bold Adventures of American Explorers and Pioneers


Witness the westward expansion that transformed America. Experience the excitement and perils of the pioneers, along with the devastating effects faced by Native Americans, in this inspiring saga of daring exploration.

Product Overview

Travel with Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea; experience the dawning of a new age aboard Robert Fulton’s steamboat; ride the rumbling wagons of the Oregon Trail pioneers; and witness the mammoth undertaking of the transcontinental railroad. Journey with the brave souls who hung out the sign, “Gone West!”

Timeline: 1800’s (United States)

Track List

  1. Intro: A Dream As Big As a Continent
  2. The Louisiana Purchase
  3. Lewis & Clark
  4. The Journey Begins
  5. Discovery & Danger on the Prairie
  6. Sacagawea
  7. Grizzly Bears
  8. Rivers & Mountains
  9. To the Pacific & Back
  10. Mr. Fulton’s Steamboat
  11. Day & Nights On the Oregon Trail
  12. The Buffalo & The Iron Horse
  13. Railroad Men

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