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How to Teach Subtraction Facts That Stick

Kate Snow
Kate Snow

In this instructional video, the Well-Trained Mind’s math expert Kate Snow (a homeschool mom herself, and author of many math instruction books) gives you practical, simple tips and techniques for helping children master the skill of subtraction.

All the slides from Kate’s presentation can be found here.

To learn more about Kate Snow, check out her biography.

For more great math tips, visit Kate’s website.

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Kate Snow

Kate Snow is a mother passionate about math education. After majoring in math at Harvard, she completed an M.S. in elementary education, taught fifth grade, and wrote elementary math curricula. Now, she uses her experience to teach her own children and to empower parents to teach math with confidence at kateshomeschoolmath.com. Kate’s book Preschool Math at Home: Simple Activities to Build the Best Possible Foundation for Your Child was published in 2016 by Well-Trained Mind Press.

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2 thoughts on “How to Teach Subtraction Facts That Stick”

  1. Glad it was helpful, Sarah! Children should definitely be able to quickly calculate 19 -9 or 19-10. It’s a little bit of a technicality, but I consider those mental math/place-value questions rather than subtraction facts. They’re in the same category as problems like 79-9 or 79-10–questions that kids should be able to answer quickly using place-value knowledge, even if they don’t know them by heart.

    Happy Math!


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