Is “The Creative Writer” Right for You?

In this video, Susan Wise Bauer introduces you to The Creative Writer curriculum. This series is perfect for middle-school and high-school students who want to improve their creative writing and sharpen their skills at crafting exciting fiction and vivid poetry.


I’m Susan Wise Bauer. I’m the co-author of the book “The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home“. And I’m the author of the “Writing With Skill” expository writing series from Well-Trained Mind Press.

Now, “Writing With Skill” teaches students how to write essays and research papers and persuasive papers, all that great non-fiction stuff they have to know how to do in order to do their freshman composition at college. But you might not know that we also have a series that approaches writing in a completely different way, it’s called “The Creative Writer”, there are four volumes. And it was written by my very good friend, the award-winning novelist, and writing teacher Boris Fishman.

Now, these four books walk students through the basics of creative writing. Each level getting a little bit more difficult as it goes. So the first one is five-finger exercises, and this introduces them to character development and plot and setting in fiction, and also the basics of poetry. Level two leads them into doing longer works, short stories on longer points. Level three really focuses in on craft, on things like complex point of view, word choice, different poetry formats. And then level four really guides students on how to think and live like writers: how to write in different genres, how to plan out writing time, how to really delve deep into the craft.

So, if you’ve got a kid who enjoys creative writing, is interested in fiction and poetry, I’d encourage you to check out the four levels of The Creative Writer at


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6 thoughts on “Is “The Creative Writer” Right for You?

  1. Hello Susan!
    Have, LOVE, and use several of your books. My question is, could these be used as an extracurricular credit and if so how?

    1. Sure! What about starting a Creative Writing club for interested young authors/poets? Each week (or every other week) they could all be given one of the assignments/exercises from these books, and then they could gather to share and comment on their work.

    1. Si. “Writing With Ease” enseña el tipo de composición que se usa en la escuela, como escribir sobre Historia o Ciencia o Literatura. “The Creative Writer” es opcional, para los estudiantes que les gustan escribir ficción o poesía y quieren mejorar escribiendo ficción o poesía.

  2. Hello!
    Would you suggest the “Creative Writer” to be used only after completing “Writing with Skill”? It seems that they are for the same age levels and I’m not sure which one we should do, having completed all the “Writing w/Ease” and “1st Language Lessons,” and currently doing “Grammar for the Well Trained Mind.”

    Thank you for your insight!

    1. “The Creative Writer” can be used anytime in middle or high school. It is an optional (elective) subject, meant especially for students who already have some interest in writing fiction or poetry and who want to sharpen their skills. It doesn’t replace WWS, but you can do them at the same time (we suggest doing “the Creative Writer” once a week).

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