Homeschooling the Real Child: An Audio Workshop

Homeschooling is easy and pristine, right? Dr. Susan Wise Bauer explains why it’s not always that easy.

HOMESCHOOLING THE REAL (Distractible, Impatient, Argumentative, Unenthusiastic, Non-Book-Loving, Inattentive, Poky, Vague) CHILD: Just as your house never resembles the ones in catalogs (unsmudged windows? Ha! Pristine white carpets? It’s like they’ve never seen a kid carry a cup of juice…), so your child may not resemble the idealized student that classical educators often picture. Dr. Susan Wise Bauer, mother and home educator of four very different children, gives practical advice and time-tested strategies for addressing the strengths and weaknesses of each particular student.



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