Elementary Curriculum Planning Worksheet

Download and print out this worksheet, taken from The Well-Trained Mind, to begin planning out your elementary (grammar stage) years of study.

Elementary Grades Curriculum Planning Worksheet



6 thoughts on “Elementary Curriculum Planning Worksheet

      1. Hi, Margaret and Elsie–we didn’t want to put that up because it is JUST a sample and should be customized/changed by every family to suit maturity, interests, etc. Putting it up makes it look as though it’s the ONLY way to do things, particularly for web readers who haven’t read the book and don’t understand the overall philosophy. Hope that makes sense. You are, of course, welcome to photocopy it–just be sure to mark it up (and change it up!).

  1. I need some help with the “Reading Skills: Instructional Level” reading. I’ve read the big book several times, looked for a suggested list, but I don’t see much help for the Instructional Level reading. I’m assuming the At-level is where my child is, and Below-level are the easier books for her. But what should I be reading for the Instructional Level?
    Thanks for any help!

    1. The instructional level reading is the reading they do in the context of a phonics lesson – they are taught a phonics rule and then they practice it within the lesson. For example, Lesson 89 in The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Reading teaches the vowel pair EE. The student works on reading words with that vowel pair (seed, creep, and so on) and then reads a ten-sentence story using many of those words. That would be instructional reading, along with any primers that emphasize the recently learned rules.

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