A Plan for Teaching Writing: Focus on Elementary Audio Workshop

How do I focus on teaching writing in the elementary grades?

In this audio workshop, Dr. Susan Wise Bauer provides a clear introduction to teaching foundational skills in writing. Recommended for those teaching all K-6 students, as well as for those teaching older students who are reluctant writers.


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4 thoughts on “A Plan for Teaching Writing: Focus on Elementary Audio Workshop

  1. The link is not working–can you please fix it? Also, the links in many of your product pages are hard to find because they are not underlined or are not in a different color. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for letting us know, and for the feedback about formatting! We fixed the link, and made it bold so it’s easier to read.

  2. How do I listen to this audio by Susan Bauer on the focus of elementary writing? It seems to just want me to sign up for a newsletter but it won’t even take my email address.

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