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What is Literary Analysis? When, Why, and How Should I Teach It?

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What is literary analysis, and when, why, and how should you teach it? Susan Wise Bauer offers a foundational explanation of what literary analysis is, a list of skills that need to be covered, guidance in how to teach them, and resource recommendations.

Product Overview


You know that your children should read – but what else should you be doing to teach them skills in literature? After teaching literature at the college level for over a decade, Dr. Bauer has seen the results of many different methods, and can guide you towards the most effective way to teach literature.

We offer expert instruction in helping your children understand and appreciate what they’re reading. (“Now watch carefully . . . see how I flick my wrist, as I fling the Twilight novel across the room, to make it fly directly into the trash can?”) This talk was given at the 2009 Well-Trained Mind 10th Anniversary Conference. The handout for this lecture can be found here.

What customers are saying

1 review for What is Literary Analysis? When, Why, and How Should I Teach It?

  1. 5 out of 5

    Janice (verified owner)

    Very helpful in understanding the why behind teaching literature as described in TWTM. Mrs. Bauer delivers the information in a very clear and understandable way that is enjoyable to listen to.

  2. Molly Benton

    Does this discuss literary analysis in each stage?

    • Press Minion

      Yes it does!

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