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A Treasury of Wisdom: Stories of Hope and Inspiration


Timeless wisdom drawn from a wide variety of cultures and eras offers insight, inspiration, and hope to listeners of all ages. Adapted and narrated by Jim Weiss.

Product Overview

This collection of ancient and modern true stories will inspire everyone who listens to it. Hear the stories of real people who lived their lives with personal conviction and shared their wisdom to the fullest in words and actions. Stories include Raphael, Michelangelo, Diogenes, Alexander the Great, Solomon, The Good Samaritan, Satchel Paige, Beatrix Potter and more.

Role models and mentors have contributed to every generation’s sense of peace and stability. A Treasury of Wisdom spans 3,000 years of time in its passionate offering of inspiring, true stories of wise individuals whose lifework, philosophies and values are, to this day, valuable lessons in hope and inspiration. Adapted and narrated by Jim Weiss. Timeline: Various

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