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The Adventurous Life of Theodore Roosevelt


Cowboy, soldier, crusader against corruption, protector of wilderness wonders, American president, peacemaker–Theodore Roosevelt was all of these and more!

Product Overview

Theodore Roosevelt was a United States President, a war hero, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, an environmental champion, and more. In Jim Weiss’s newest audio biography, young listeners will meet this extraordinary man and learn of the determination and resilience that guided him through an action-packed life. 75 minutes. Ages 7 & up.

Track List

  1. Preface: The Midnight Ride
  2. The Early Years
  3. The Frontiersman
  4. The Rising Star
  5. The Rough Rider
  6. The Big Stick
  7. The White House
  8. The Square Deal
  9. The President and the World
  10. The Greatest Legacy
  11. The Lion Roars Again

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