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The Grammar Guidebook


The Grammar Guidebook is a useful reference work containing all of the principles that govern the English language. It can be used as a stand-alone reference work or to accompany the Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind series.

Product Overview

The Grammar Guidebook was called The Comprehensive Handbook of Rules in its first edition; it is the same book. This versatile reference guide can be used with any grammar program  – or without! Whenever you introduce a new concept, add the description and examples of that same concept found here. Or just have it available to the student who is working independently and encourage consulting it for a different perspective when encountering any difficulty.

All of the rules covered in Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind, along with examples for each, are assembled for ongoing reference in The Grammar Guidebook.

What customers are saying


  1. shantelhjones

    I am confused…Do I need this book to use say the purple grammar series or is it more of an optional thing?

  2. Deeanna

    Is this the same as the free sample entiltled “Core Instructor Text”?

  3. Amy

    We are considering using this Grammar curriculum for a co-op next year. My question is: If our co-op class was 7th-12th grade, would this curriculum work for a broad span of learners/levels ? In other words, if we have beginner grammar students in the class alongside more advanced grammar students? Thank you for your response.

  4. kiley

    Are there sample images or a flip through video of this grammar guidebook. Or an outline of content ? I’m trying to determine if this would fulfill what I’m looking for.

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