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The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease, Four-Year Guide

5.00 out of 5
(11 customer reviews)


Increase teacher confidence with four years of expertly designed elementary writing instruction! The Four-Year Guide provides detailed teacher guidance, plus examples and criteria for adding your own reading, narration, and copywork passages. For a no-prep solution, see the Workbooks – or combine them for the ultimate in teacher support.

Product Overview

The Four-Year Guide will take you through a carefully-designed sequence of steps that will teach every student to put words on paper with ease and grace, over the course of four carefully graded levels of assignments. You add your choice of reading material for narrations and copywork from your student’s other subjects or from your favorite literature!

The Writing With Ease, Four-Year Guide is not a required resource if you choose to use the Workbooks. However, this guide gives an overview of what the four years of writing instruction will look like, as well as a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind them. It also provides helpful guidance in trouble-shooting for those who encounter difficulties. Combine the 4-Year Guide with the Workbooks for the ultimate in teacher support and the time savings of no-preparation workbooks!

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What customers are saying

11 reviews for The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease, Four-Year Guide

  1. 5 out of 5

    Feiyan Huang


  2. 5 out of 5

    Katie Seevers

    I’ve been homeschooling for 11 years and have 6 kids. We’re on our 3rd round of Writing With Ease with our 3 youngest. It is so helpful in prepping kids for writing, taking notes, comprehension, finding the main idea in a story etc. Great job!

  3. Tanya Michaud

    We started homeschooling and my kids are grade 5 and 6. Do we start with WWE? Would WWE be instead of a writing program like IEW?

  4. 5 out of 5


    Writing with Ease has been a fantastic curriculum. Susan does a great job getting to the basics of where writing begins and builds upon these fundamentals. Simple, simple, simple is our homeschool motto, and that is exactly what WWE does for our family while still retaining quality. Assignments are four days a week and extremely easy to make-up or double-up if a day is skipped. Check out my video review for more details.

  5. Constance Sundrla

    Is it essential for an eighth grader who enjoys writing to begin using Writing with Skill at Level 1, or can an eighth grader start at level III if she plans to attend high school next year?

  6. Ashley Byrom

    Could I use the 4 year Guide and purchase the separate printable student pages? I like the idea of having one guides for all my kids…but each having their own set of student pages.

  7. Marzanne

    My almost 10 year old daughter just started Writing with ease book 2. We are Afrikaans home language but studying in English so only start formal writing later. We do SOW as well.
    She finds the copy and dictation very easy in book 2. We didn’t do book 1 but have been doing narrations and copy work through other schooling. Can I skip some of the lessons? Are there crucial parts she will miss?

  8. Nick

    Is the literature used in the books the entire story? I am wondering if I would need to by a separate literature/enrichment curricula or if this will be enough in the classroom. Thanks!

  9. rtyson2

    I have the WWE 4 year guide. I started it last year with my 9 year old but stopped due to it being too much, as she was doing dictations and summaries with SOTW, literature and science. I have a 3rd grader now and my now 10 year old, 5/6th grade. I’d like for us to take a crack at it again this year, but wondering if I should start both of them off with level 1 or bump my 10 yo up to level 2. Or honestly, is doing dictations and summaries with other subjects enough? Is it necessary to put this in our schedule, in addition. I don’t want them to fall behind but also don’t want them to be overworked. What would you suggest?

  10. Karen

    My 10 year old daughter is in fourth grade and will finish up the Writing With Ease Level 4 this spring. The Writing with Skill books appear to be too advanced for her to continue with them at this point. What do you recommend for her 5th and 6th grade years?

  11. Jenny

    I’ve worked through most phonics and my kindergartener is reading the emergent reader series. How does this book fit in? Does this take the place of literature and some reading or the place of penmanship?

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