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The Story of the World Vol. 1: Ancient Times, Revised Edition Student Pages


Simplify your life with an extra set of consumable Student Pages! If you have multiple students, this will save you both time and work. The Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times Revised Edition Activity Book already contains one set and is a required resource for using these pages.

Product Overview

Skip the copying and purchase an additional set of Student Pages! The Activity Book already contains one set and is a required resource for using these pages, which do not include instructions or answers.

The Student Pages are the removable pages in the second part of the Activity Book. These are given to the student to complete for each chapter of study.

What customers are saying


  1. knobbs

    We use Disc Binders at home, is it possible to get the printed pages not on three hole punch?

  2. Courtney Fout

    Is it recommended that the volumes be done in order? Or can we jump in at volume 3 this year and keep going?

  3. Stacey

    If I order the pdf of the activity guide, do I need the extra student pages for additional children? Or I can just print three of everything as we use it, correct?

  4. Lisa Baumann

    We bought the Volume 1 Ancient History way back in 2002, so we have the older version. However, over the years and 5 children later many of our maps and coloring pages have disappeared. Do you still have the older version of the maps and coloring pages? We have the activity Book, just need the maps etc. If not, would the revised pages match the older activity book? Thank you.

  5. Beth

    Does the looseleaf packet come front and back printed? Or if I decide to buy the PDF does it need to be printed front and back?

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