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Student Pages 1 for Telling God’s Story

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Print the consumable Student Pages with this handy PDF download. The Year 1 Activity Book already contains one set and is a required resource for using these pages.

Product Overview


This handy PDF download enables you to print additional copies of the consumable Student Pages. The Year 1 Activity Book already contains one set and is a required resource for using these pages; there are no instructions in the Student Pages.

If you already own the Activity Book, then you already have one set of Student Pages and do not need to purchase an additional set if you have only one student. You can also make copies for your immediate family to use. Many parents find it easier to simply download this PDF and print what they need.

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  1. Kerri

    Is there a way to buy these pages to use for a Sunday school class that’s meeting online because of the virus? I’d like to be able to send a link of the pages to print off so the kids could use them while we meet virtually. Thanks!

    • Press Minion

      Yes, you can purchase the PDF download and then send copies to the students, but to send out copies, you need to purchase a reprinting/duplicating license from us for 100 dollars. To use a credit card for it, simply call our office at 1.877.322.3445. We’re open Mon/Wed/Thurs from 9AM to 5PM eastern time, and Tues/Fri from 9AM to 2PM eastern time. Any of our staff here can take your order; just tell them you’d like a License to Reprint Telling God’s Story, Year 1 student pages.
      To use a check, send a check for 100 dollars to:
      Well-Trained Mind Press
      18021 the Glebe Lane
      Charles City, VA 23030

      Enclose the following information:
      Name of Church
      Your name (or whoever the best contact person is)
      Phone number
      Email address where we can send the receipt
      Title of book that you want a license to reprint

  2. Shannon

    Do the different books Year 1-4 correspond to age level? What age/grades is this appropriate for?

    • Press Minion

      The years (Year 1, Year 2, etc) are roughly grade-equivalent (Grade 1, Grade 2), but there is flexibility. A lot of parents start the Year 1 book in kindergarten instead of first grade, for instance. And Year 4 has been used successfully with fifth-graders. But yes, it’s roughly “lower elementary grades.”

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