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Second Grade Math with Confidence Student Workbook

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This colorful, appealing Workbook introduces new concepts and provides daily review. The blend of deep conceptual understanding and traditional skill practice provides a thorough second grade math education, while the playful, engaging activities encourage a positive attitude. Check answers easily with the required Instructor Guide.


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A colorful, engaging workbook to reinforce the lessons in the required Instructor Guide. Simple and straightforward workbook pages give children practice with new concepts and provide daily review of previously-learned skills. This easy-to-use, beautiful, age-appropriate workbook is colorfully illustrated by Itamar Katz. The PDF version of the Workbook comes with two files, one standard file and one optimized to use less ink.

  • Short, simple pages give children written practice without tiring small hands
  • Daily review helps students retain what they have learned
  • Colorful, whimsical illustrations
  • All answers provided in the Instructor Guide for easy checking

For additional tips, tricks, and resources, visit our Math With Confidence Resource Area.

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