Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

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In this brand-new audiobook, Jim Weiss takes you from palace plots to treasure chambers, from the inner rooms of a mysterious temple to the middle of a thundering chariot charge. [Approximately 80 minutes]

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Egypt! From roaring battles to whispered court intrigue, from desert wastelands to luxurious palaces, Jim Weiss leads you through a civilization fifty centuries old, spinning vivid stories of remarkable rulers (Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Ramesses II and more), the Nile River that made it all possible, and the thrilling discovery of King Tutankhamun’s treasure-laden tomb.

Length: Approximately 80 Minutes

Chapter List

Prologue: The Gift of the Nile

The City and the Desert

Hatshepsut: The Woman Pharaoh

Akhenaten: The Outlaw Pharaoh

Tutankhamun: The Golden Pharaoh

Ramesses II: The Great Pharaoh

Ramesses II: The Battle of Kadesh

Ramesses II: Finale


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9 and up

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