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Kindergarten Math with Confidence Student Workbook


This colorful, engaging Workbook helps children review and practice what they have learned. The lessons are carefully designed and organized to meet the goals that will have students ready for first grade, yet only require about 15 minutes a day. Check answers easily with the required Instructor Guide.

Product Overview


These quick, easy, and colorful workbook pages will help children review and practice what they’ve learned in each lesson. They’ll also develop children’s fine-motor skills and help them get used to pencil-and-paper work, which will prepare them for greater independence in first grade. The PDF version of the Workbook comes with two files, one standard file and one optimized to use less ink.

  • Exercises that build fine motor skills without overwhelming small hands
  • Practice in how to write all numerals from 0 through 9
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Fun practice pages to steadily reinforce each day’s lessons
  • All answers provided in the Instructor Text for speedy checking

For additional tips, tricks, and resources, visit our Math With Confidence Resource Area.

What customers are saying


  1. Karina

    Does this align with Common Core?

  2. Debbie Gersch

    What topics does this curriculum cover? (i.e. does it include things like simple money, telling time)

  3. Help Desk

    Updated information for both questions: The Scope and Sequence for Math With Confidence goes into great detail about what is (will be) taught at each grade level, and it speaks to the meeting of Common Core standards.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Veronica V George

    We love this math curriculum for our kinders. It really has helped build an understanding of math & how numbers work and are incorporated in the real world.

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