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I, Too, Sing America: Stories and Poems Honoring Black Lives and History Audio Collection

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This collection of folk tales and biographies, narrated by Jim Weiss, is a fantastic way to help students explore African-American history and culture in an interesting, accessible way.

Product Overview

To help students explore African-American history and culture, we have assembled this downloadable audio collection of biographies and folk tales. Jim Weiss tells of Harriet Tubman’s bravery, Satchel Paige’s wisdom, Langston Hughes’s creativity, and more. We include a downloadable PDF of Susan Wise Bauer’s Teaching Guide for Dunbar’s poem, “Sympathy”, designed to help your students better understand the poet’s work and its place in American history.

Written and adapted by Jim Weiss (except as noted).

What customers are saying


  1. Mel H

    Why would this be for ages 9 and up? I have a 7 year old I would like to include but am hesitant to purchase due to the 9+ age recommendation.

    • Press Minion

      The age-ranges are just our best estimates. There’s nothing really objectionable in this: profanity, sexual content, details about violence, etc. A 7-year-old might not understand all the content but would be fine to listen to it.

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