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First Language Lessons Level 4, Workbook

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Spend more time teaching and less time preparing – the Level 4 Workbook provides all of the student worksheets, no prep time needed! Use with the teacher materials found in the required Instructor Guide for a year of grammar instruction. Fourth- and fifth-grade students may begin in Level 4 regardless of their prior level of grammar instruction.

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This consumable Student Workbook, used alongside the required Instructor Guide, gives you everything you need to spend more time teaching grammar and less time preparing lessons, making copies, or gathering supplies.

The Level 4 workbook has 380 perforated, consumable pages of exercises for your student. Fourth-grade students may begin in Level 4 regardless of their prior level of grammar instruction.


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1 review for First Language Lessons Level 4, Workbook

  1. 3 out of 5


    I love all the content given in this book series and the seuqence of concepts. However, I use this in a school classroom, and there are 2 major drawsbacks to this both that are frustrating to use this series in a large group setting. 1) The teacher’s manual does not clearly distinguish between what the children see in their work books and the additional info for teaching the concepts. I need a student book and the teacher’s manual open simultaneously when teaching these lessons. 2) The student workbook does not contain ANY directions, definiitions, or background info for the activities and concepts; EVERYTHING requires the teacher to dictate this info to the students. This is especially problematic when a student is absent. I either have to give the absent child(ren) an individaulized lesson or I have to type out this info for the absent children. This gets REALLY really time consuming for the teacher REALLY quickly. A student workbook with some background info and directions would be much appreciated.

    • Press Minion

      Noted! Thank you!

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