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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Companion Reader


Dive into adventure with our heroes as they battle giant squid, navigate dangerous oceans, and discover fascinating creatures and fabulous treasures. Read along with the audio companion, or perform the audio/radio drama that’s included.

Product Overview

Lost at sea, three friends find themselves on a fantastic underwater ship, the Nautilus. You will dive deep into adventure as our heroes battle giant squid, navigate dangerous oceans, and discover new creatures and fabulous treasures. But who is the mysterious Captain Nemo? Why is he being hunted by every navy on earth? And will he ever let the three castaways return home?

This beautifully illustrated Companion Reader can be enjoyed on its own, or used along with the available audio companion to build reading fluency. Comes with a dramatic version in radio drama style that you can enjoy preforming yourself (complete script, stage direction, and acting tips are included).

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