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Classes & Tutorials

Tutors, online classes and tutorials, and correspondence courses all preserve the strengths of home schooling–flexibility, personalized attention, the opportunity to dig deeper into a subject than a classroom generally allows–while overcoming the one greatest weakness of home education: parental ignorance of the subject at hand.

Choose from any of the wonderful classes and tutorials listed here to strengthen your home education program.

The Newest Edition of a Homeschool Classic

Susan Wise Bauer walks us through the differences between the 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind and its previous versions. Text! Video! Bullet Points! Everything you need to navigate the extensively updated edition is right here.

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The programming language Java can be learned through online courses or free online tutorials. Java is widely used, and there are many resources available.

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The programming language Scratch was developed at MIT as an educational tool to introduce younger students to programming, as a stepping stone to more advanced work.

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