Articles & Videos Why Do Six-Year-Olds Go to First Grade?

In contemporary education, “What grade are you in?” has become synonymous with “How old are you?”  But the age grading system that shoves six-year-olds into first grade, seven-year-olds into second, and so on up isn’t…

Methods & Approaches Joy of Classical Education: An Audio Workshop

In this 70-minute audio workshop, Dr. Susan Wise Bauer, a parent and educator, gives a user-friendly explanation of classical education and a road map for those interested in getting started.

Methods & Approaches Goals for Each Stage of Science Learning

How should you set objectives for advancement in classical learning?

Methods & Approaches When Should I Use Online Classes?

When is the best time to give some outside approaches for learning?

Fourth Step: Investigate Further About The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home

We’ve released 4 editions of The Well-Trained Mind now, so here’s an introduction!

Methods & Approaches Why Our Model of Classical Education May Look Different

Why do we recommend some methods and not others? Are we modern classics? New classics? Neoclassics?

Methods & Approaches How to Read a Review

Dr. Susan Wise Bauer defends and explains reviewing practices, both her own trade experiences and how to read an online product review.

Methods & Approaches A Neutral Education?

How does The Well-Trained Mind treat religion and specific denominations?

Methods & Approaches Charlotte Mason Education

Would Charlotte Mason agree with our methods? We’d like to think she would.

Methods & Approaches What is Classical Education?

Learn about the trivium and more! What is Classical Education?