Much has changed since the first (1999) edition of The Well-Trained Mind. For example, you don’t have to plug your computer into your phone line and dial up anymore! Explore scores of wonderful online resources for home educators here.

Learning Challenges Sentence Diagramming and Dysgraphia: A Helpful App

    In both our elementary and intermediate grammar curricula, we give instruction on sentence diagramming.  If you would like to know more about why we do so, please read this article by Susan Wise…

Keyboarding Coding for Kids

A list of links, guides, apps, and resources from around the web to help kids learn to code and help parents/educators do the teaching.

Well-Trained Mind Fourth Edition The Newest Edition of a Homeschool Classic

Susan Wise Bauer walks us through the differences between the 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind and its previous versions. Text! Video! Bullet Points! Everything you need to navigate the extensively updated edition is right here.

Fourth Step: Investigate Further Well-Trained Mind Academy

We have an Academy to help you make sure your child gets the best classical education possible!

Keyboarding Typing Instructor For Kids

Game-centered typing instruction, highly customizable with 11 different typing plans.

Keyboarding Read, Write & Type

Early keyboarding (combined with ongoing handwriting practice at an appropriate level) can allow dysgraphic and dyslexic students to advance in reading and writing skills.


A free, comprehensive keyboarding system, designed for middle and upper grades.

Keyboarding Dance Mat Typing

This free online touch-typing course is a series of games designed for young learners.

Programming Resources GameMaker

Like Scratch, GameMaker is an introduction to programming; the difference is that Scratch is a free educational language, while GameMaker is proprietary and for-profit. But GameMaker allows young users to actually create computer games, which can be a powerful teaching tool.

Online Classes Java

The programming language Java can be learned through online courses or free online tutorials. Java is widely used, and there are many resources available.