Tutors, online classes and tutorials, and correspondence courses all preserve the strengths of home schooling–flexibility, personalized attention, the opportunity to dig deeper into a subject than a classroom generally allows–while overcoming the one greatest weakness of home education: parental ignorance of the subject at hand.

Choose from any of the wonderful classes and tutorials listed here to strengthen your home education program.

Well-Trained Mind Fourth Edition The Newest Edition of a Homeschool Classic

Susan Wise Bauer walks us through the differences between the 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind and its previous versions. Text! Video! Bullet Points! Everything you need to navigate the extensively updated edition is right here.

Fourth Step: Investigate Further Well-Trained Mind Academy

We have an Academy to help you make sure your child gets the best classical education possible!

Online Classes Java

The programming language Java can be learned through online courses or free online tutorials. Java is widely used, and there are many resources available.

Programming Resources Scratch

The programming language Scratch was developed at MIT as an educational tool to introduce younger students to programming, as a stepping stone to more advanced work.

Programming Resources Edhesive (Computer Science)

Introductory and AP computer science courses online.

Programming Resources Python

Resources for studying the programming language Python.

Science Courses: Text/Online Support Packages Gizmos

Online simulations, problems, and labs.

Science Courses: Text/Online Support Packages Conceptual Academy

Supporting material for the Prentice-Hall Conceptual… science series.