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First Language Lessons, Audio Companion


Memorize the parts of speech easily with catchy songs, and enjoy listening to the fun poems, entertaining stories, and memorable rhymes! The Audio Companion comes in CD or MP3 format, and is designed to accompany Levels 1 & 2.

Product Overview


This audio companion features fun poems, entertaining stories, and memorable rhymes found in First Language Lessons Level 1 and First Language Lessons Level 2. It adds to that mix several vibrant and original songs that make memorization of the parts of speech something everyone will look forward to, and gives parents a bit of relief from Kidz Bop.

Radio professional Mark Russo reads stories and poems from the book; singer-songwriter Mike Smith plays fun, catchy, sing-along songs, making memorization even more enjoyable. A short introduction by Jessie Wise explains some basics of teaching grammar and how you can best use this resource.

What customers are saying


  1. Levana

    Can I use the companion CD with level 4 of FLL I think my 5th grader would like the songs. He loves music and it helps him learn. Will it make sense or must it go along with the level 1/2 books??

  2. carmel4_1

    Will this go along with level 3?

  3. Ng Ai Nee

    Is this the audio version of all the poem and stories of FLLlevel 1 and 2? Or all there extras? Thank you.

  4. Jennifer

    Does it make reference in the text when to use the CD?

    Thank you

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