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Arabian Nights


A wish-granting genie, talking animals, the Forty Thieves – listeners will be transported to the magical world of the Arabian Nights in this selection of stories adapted and abridged by Jim Weiss.

Product Overview

Storyteller Jim Weiss brings to life these classic tales of a wish-granting genie, the Forty Thieves, and talking animals.

Jim transports the listener to the magical world of the Arabian Nights. An introduction to Scheherazade, who first spun the tales, leads into a selection of stories with a unique fascination. Abridged and adapted by Jim Weiss. Timeline: Medieval Arabia, Persia

  1. Scheherazade
  2. The Bird Who Speaks
  3. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  4. The Fisherman and the Genie

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