Corrections for “Key to Student Workbook 1” (Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind)

Below is a list of errors that have been found in the Key for Student Workbook #1 for Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind. As we correct the errors in subsequent printings/editions, we will note that they have been corrected.

If you discover an error that is not on this list, contact one of our editors to add it.

Week 6, Review 2, page 44

In the last chart of 2B, the Progressive Future should be “They will be sneezing.”


Exercise 19B: Forming Progressive Present, Past, and Future Tenses

should be called

Exercise 19B: Forming Progressive Past and Future Tenses

Week 7, Exercise 28A, in the sentence “Almost no data (was/were) gathered…” the correct answer is “were”

The diagrams in Exercise 64B are correct, but two of the answers in Exercise 64A are incorrect. “Consuming the town and the castle” modifies “flame,” and “finding him” modifies “made.”

In exercise 76C, In this sentence:  For although Fionn loved Goll, he did not like him. The clause that is underlined should be “For although Fionn loved Goll”  NOT “he did not like him”

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