Corrections for “Purple Workbook” (formerly Student Workbook 1) (Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind)

Below is a list of errors that have been found in the Purple Workbook (formerlyStudent Workbook 1) for Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind. All the corrections listed here were corrected in the 2018 and 2019 reprintings. If you have a copy that was printed before 2019, you may have some of these errors.

Lesson 15, table at top of page 43–under “perfect future” sentence should read “I will have eaten by bedtime tomorrow.” The word is correct in the Instructor Text.

Lesson 18, page 52, 2nd set, “Simple Presen” should say “Simple Present”

Lesson 18, page 53 first set, verbs should say:

I will have wandered     we will have wandered

You will have wandered   you will have wandered

He, she, it will have wandered   they will have wandered

Exercise 19B: Forming Progressive Present, Past, and Future Tenses

should be called

Exercise 19B: Forming Progressive Past and Future Tenses

Exercise 25E, Page 85: The sentence “The hideous powerful…” and “A colossal billowing” should have commas between the adjectives in the series.

Review 3, exercise 3D, seventh sentence has “principle”  when it should say “principal.”

Exercise 52A:

“Phil and (I/me) can wash them (they/them),’ said Bobbie . . .

The word “them” before the parentheses should not be there.

Exercise 52C, the 2nd sentence should be: There was a creaking above, and something rattled and shook. And it should be diagrammed as below:

Exercise 67B, fifth sentence, the word “more” should be part of the parentheses. It should look like this: (more cheerily/cheerier)

Lesson 71, page 226, the last definition on that page should say: “Relative adverbs introduce adjective clauses and refer back to a place, time, or reason in the independent clause.”

Exercise 94A, page 334: delete “Lahore” from the sentence that begins, “Maharaja Ranjit Singh…”

If you discover an error that is not on this list, contact one of our editors to add it.

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