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WTM 4th Edition Learning Challenges

If you’re working with a student who’s behind, struggling with a processing difficulty or learning disability, or twice exceptional (gifted in one area but challenged in another), find additional resources here.

The Newest Edition of a Homeschool Classic

Susan Wise Bauer walks us through the differences between the 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind and its previous versions. Text! Video! Bullet Points! Everything you need to navigate the extensively updated edition is right here.

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Read, Write & Type

Early keyboarding (combined with ongoing handwriting practice at an appropriate level) can allow dysgraphic and dyslexic students to advance in reading and writing skills.

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Beast Academy

Beast Academy (mathematics, grades 2-5) operates by giving students problems to solve without a great deal of initial instruction, guiding them into learning as they wrestle with unfamiliar material.

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When Should I Get My Child Evaluated?

The home-education population may have more non-neurotypical kids in it than the general school population, because the frustrations of dealing with these problems in a classroom situation causes many parents to turn to home schooling.

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