Should you join an organization?

Should I join a homeschool organization?

There is no need for you to join an organization in order to home school. Some groups may use scare language to convince you to pay a fee and join, promising in return to protect your rates. Don’t fall for this: your rights are protected by your state laws. And if Social Services or a truant officer does show up at your door, you’re better off hiring a good local lawyer with that money.

However, many parents do find it useful to join a state organization where they can find support, information, and resources. There are several good lists of state organizations on the Web; some groups are religiously oriented, others are secular, and still others are inclusive. You may find the following sites helpful:

Homeschooling Support Groups

Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups

Secular Homeschool Support Groups

State Homeschool Organization Directory

State Resources and Local Support Groups

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