These aren’t full curricula–but they can certainly make learning more effective (and, perhaps, even more fun).

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  • Learning Challenges Sentence Diagramming and Dysgraphia: A Helpful App     In both our elementary and intermediate grammar curricula, we give instruction on sentence diagramming.  If you would like to know more about why we do so, please read this article by Susan Wise Bauer:  “Why Diagramming Matters.”  Dr. Bauer starts by saying “Diagramming isn’t an arcane assignment designed...

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  • Keyboarding Coding for Kids

    Subject: Coding Grade level: Grades 3-8 Website: Description: A list of links, guides, apps, and resources from around the web to help kids learn to code and help parents/educators do the teaching.

  • Fourth Step: Investigate Further Well-Trained Mind Academy

    The Well-Trained Mind Academy is based on the classical model described in The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (first published in 1999 by W.W. Norton and now in its fourth edition). Offering a full range of middle school (logic stage) and high school (rhetoric stage) classes across the...

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  • Keyboarding

    Subject: Keyboarding Grade level: Grades 5-12 Publisher: Website: Description: A free, comprehensive keyboarding system, designed for middle and upper grades.

  • Keyboarding Dance Mat Typing

    Subject: Keyboarding Grade level: Elementary Publisher: British Broadcasting Company Website: Description: This free online touch-typing course is a series of games designed for young learners.

  • Apps, Learning Games, and Online Enrichment Activities Enchanted Learning

    Subject: Across the curriculum Grade level: K-12, but the majority of resources intended for K-5 Publisher: Enchanted Learning, LLC Website: Description: Zillions (well, hundreds) of supplementary printouts, worksheets, and project pages covering almost all areas of the curriculum.

  • Apps, Learning Games, and Online Enrichment Activities DragonBox

    Subject: Math (algebraic equations) Grade level: First grade and up Publisher: DragonBox Algebra Website: Description: Highly regarded app that uses well-designed games to teach students (even young ones) the foundational skills of algebraic equations. DragonBox 5+ is for younger students; DragonBox 12+ is significantly more difficult and is best for students who have already...

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  • Apps, Learning Games, and Online Enrichment Activities Denise Gaskins: Internet Math Resources

    Subject: Math Grade level: K-12 Publisher: Denise Gaskins (blog)  Website: Description: Experienced home school parent Denise Gaskins maintains a very helpful index of the best math teaching and practice sites on the Internet.  

  • Apps, Learning Games, and Online Enrichment Activities Primary Games

    Subject: Math, science, phonics, American history, and geography. Grade level: Elementary, with a strong focus on kindergarten and the earliest grades. Publisher: PrimaryGames, Inc. Website: Description: A collection of colorful online games, reinforcing basic skills in math (, phonics (, science (, and American history and geography ( Among many others, you’ll find drills...

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  • Apps, Learning Games, and Online Enrichment Activities Jump Start Lesson Plans

    Subject: Math, language arts, science, geography, and generalized preschool and kindergarten learning Grade level: Elementary, with a strong focus on the preschool and kindergarten years Publisher: Jump Start Website: Description: Free printable lesson plans offer teachers and parents strategies for basic skills across the curriculum. Some are keyed to particular Jump Start books and...

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