These programs and curricula are particularly suited to students with processing challenges.

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  • Learning Challenges Sentence Diagramming and Dysgraphia: A Helpful App     In both our elementary and intermediate grammar curricula, we give instruction on sentence diagramming.  If you would like to know more about why we do so, please read this article by Susan Wise Bauer:  “Why Diagramming Matters.”  Dr. Bauer starts by saying “Diagramming isn’t an arcane assignment designed...

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  • Keyboarding Read, Write & Type

    Subject: Typing, phonics, and spelling Grade level: K-2 Publisher: Talking Fingers Website: Description: Read, Write & Type is a keyboarding program designed for young students that combines typing skills with phonics, spelling, and word processing. Although we generally prefer students to write by hand in the elementary grades, students who struggle with dysgraphia,...

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  • Additional Curricula Recommendations Beast Academy

    Subject: Mathematics (arithmetic) Grade level: Elementary and early middle school (grades 2-5) Publisher: Art of Problem Solving Website: Description: Beast Academy is a conceptual math program intended to cover arithmetical topics (according to the publisher, it is “loosely based on the Common Core standards”) The program is written in comic...

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