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  • Keyboarding Typing Instructor For Kids Subject: Keyboarding Grade level: 3-8 Publisher: Individual Software, Inc. Website: Description: Game-centered typing instruction, highly customizable with 11 different typing plans. Runs on a monthly subscription basis.
  • Keyboarding Read, Write & Type Subject: Typing, phonics, and spelling Grade level: K-2 Publisher: Talking Fingers Website: Description: Read, Write & Type is a keyboarding program designed for young students that combines typing skills with phonics, spelling, and word processing. Although we generally prefer students to write by hand in the elementary grades, students who struggle with dysgraphia,...

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  • Keyboarding Subject: Keyboarding Grade level: Grades 5-12 Publisher: Website: Description: A free, comprehensive keyboarding system, designed for middle and upper grades.
  • Keyboarding Dance Mat Typing Subject: Keyboarding Grade level: Elementary Publisher: British Broadcasting Company Website: Description: This free online touch-typing course is a series of games designed for young learners.