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  • Fourth Step: Investigate Further Well-Trained Mind Academy The Well-Trained Mind Academy is based on the classical model described in The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (first published in 1999 by W.W. Norton and now in its fourth edition). Offering a full range of middle school (logic stage) and high school (rhetoric stage) classes across the...

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  • Science Courses: Text/Online Support Packages Gizmos Subject: Science and Mathematics Grade level: 5-12 Publisher: Explore Learning Website: Description: Online simulations and online labs to accompany an entire range of standard science and upper-level math texts, including many of those recommended in The Well-Trained Mind. From the home page, click on “Explore the Library” and then open the “Gizmos by Textbook” menu for...

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  • Science Courses: Text/Online Support Packages Conceptual Academy Subject: Science Grade level: High school Publisher: Conceptual Academy (in association with Prentice-Hall) Website: Description: Tutorials, videos, self-directed courses, and instructor-led classes based on the Conceptual… series from Prentice-Hall, recommended in The Well-Trained Mind.