In The Well-Trained Mind, we offer our “top” recommendations for curricula: those that combine academic excellence, ease of use for the parent, clarity, and (when possible) affordability. But there are many books, programs, and resources that are compatible with the goals of classical education–even though we may have found them unnecessarily complicated, hard to find, overpriced, specialized, or quirky to list in the book itself.

The recommendations listed here are only a few of the many available. Visit our forums at for even more suggestions.

  • Additional Curricula Recommendations Fourth Edition: Resources Update

    Below, you'll find a continually updated list of resources recommended in the fourth edition of The Well-Trained Mind that have changed in their format or availability. If you've discovered others, please email us at [email protected]!   DATE: December 20, 2016 RESOURCE: Latina Christiana II (page 233) CHANGE: This product has been discontinued by the publisher, Memoria Press. Memoria now recommends ...

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  • Well-Trained Mind Fourth Edition The Newest Edition of a Homeschool Classic

    Susan Wise Bauer walks us through the differences between the 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind and its previous versions. Text! Video! Bullet Points! Everything you need to navigate the extensively updated edition is right here.

  • Well-Trained Mind Fourth Edition Spelling Power

    Subject: Spelling

    Grade level: 3-12

    Publisher: Castlemoyle Books


    Description:  This one-volume spelling resource, recommended in earlier editions of The Well-Trained Mind, is designed for use in any grade (third and after). Rather than taking a workbook approach to spelling, Spelling Power ...

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  • Additional Curricula Recommendations Spelling by Sound and Structure (Rod and Staff)

    Spelling by Sound and Structure progresses, over seven levels, from phonetic spelling rules, through exceptions and word roots and prefixes, concluding with word study.

  • Additional Curricula Recommendations Beast Academy

    Beast Academy (mathematics, grades 2-5) operates by giving students problems to solve without a great deal of initial instruction, guiding them into learning as they wrestle with unfamiliar material.