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The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome

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Bring history to life with this compelling narrative approach! From the creation of the first empires to the fall of Rome, learn about the events and people of ancient times. Ideal as the spine for advanced high school history studies, this book also makes compelling reading for adults interested in the grand sweep of history.

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This lively and engaging narrative history shows the common threads in the cultures that gave birth to our own. This is the first volume in a bold series that tells the stories of all peoples, connecting historical events from Europe to the Middle East to the far coast of China, while still giving weight to the characteristics of each country. Originally written for adults who want to learn more about history, it can also form a world history spine for advanced high schoolers who enjoy the subject – just add the Study & Teaching Guide for a complete year’s study.

Susan Wise Bauer provides both sweeping scope and vivid attention to the individual lives that give flesh to abstract assertions about human history. Dozens of maps provide a clear geography of great events, while timelines give the reader an ongoing sense of the passage of years and cultural interconnection. This narrative history employs literature, epic traditions, private letters and accounts to connect kings and leaders with the lives of those they ruled. The result is an engrossing tapestry of human behavior from which we may draw conclusions about the direction of world events and the causes behind them.

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7 reviews for The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome

  1. 5 out of 5


    Do you have a schedule that lines this up with SOTW?

    • Answer Desk

      We do not. Although the time periods are the same, the History of the World series covers much more information, and it is presented in a way that doesn’t align with The Story of the World.

      It can still be helpful to have younger and older students covering the ancient world at the same time. There will be many occasions for general discussion, there may be documentaries that are appropriate to all, and some activities in the SOTW activity books can be enjoyed by older students. Who doesn’t want to build a gingerbread Parthenon?

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