• News Introducing The Diagramming Dictionary

    Have you or your students ever struggled with sentence diagramming? Have you ever looked at a sentence, sensed something about it was off, but couldn’t quite figure out why? Do you want to improve your writing? Do your students struggle with grammar? 

    We’d like to present to ...

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  • News Lifelong Learning

    You're a grown-up now (unless you are a kid viewing this on your mom's computer, in which case you should go finish your Latin homework, and would it kill you to clean up your room without being asked, just once? Honestly, it would thrill your mother's heart, and would lessen ...

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  • News Ready for College Writing?

    Some aspects of college life cannot be prepared for. All-you-can-eat dining halls with ice-cream dispensers, for instance, will trump your eighteen years of nutrition lectures every time. But other preparations can be made!

    Learn how to teach your high-schooler the writing skills he needs for college and beyond, with Susan Wise ...

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  • News Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

    You know that perfect mom whose life and family are just as she’d dreamed they’d be?

    Yeah, we don’t know any, either.

    Instead of wishing you were her, why not read some honest, poignant, funny, insightful poems from a mother who has actually used the phrase, “Take that French fry out of ...

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  • News New Name, Same Great Taste!

    Peace Hill Press is becoming Well-Trained Mind Press!WTMPFacebook

    We have been Peace Hill Press for fifteen years. We are proud of the books that bear its name, and we are proud of its associations with our local geography (although ...

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  • News The Rest of the Story

    Once you start reading a story, especially if it's a good one, you don't want to stop until you have reached the end and found out what happens. You don't want to waste a single minute when you could be reading that story. Some of us spent our childhoods running ...

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  • News Are You Science-ing Right?

    Remember to teach your children the 5 Steps of the Scientific Method:

    • Make an Observation
    • Ask a Question
    • Form a Hypothesis
    • Test the Hypothesis
    • Get a Baffling Result
    • Check Wikipedia
    • Get Distracted by Wikipedia for 15 Minutes*
    • Test the Hypothesis Again
    • Apologize to the Neighbors for the Broken Window
    • Forget ...

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  • News We Were So Wrong!

    In 2014, we stopped reprinting physical copies of the Student Pages for Writing With Ease, Level 4, thinking that there wasn't much demand for them. We thought the PDF would be sufficient. But we were so very wrong! It turns out that lots of you loved using them in that ...

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  • News What If?

    Children who are learning history need to ask themselves the deep questions: What if Genghis Khan met Francis of Assisi? What would Joan of Arc say to Marco Polo? What happens if I pour Diet Coke into the keyboard of Mommy's computer?

    Anticipating their developmental needs, we happen to offer the ...

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  • News A Writer’s Toolbox

    Our Creative Writer textbooks give your young writer the tools she needs to transform her three-page story about warrior cats into an intricately plotted, multi-layered, seventeen-volume epic saga about warrior cats who speak in realistic dialogue. You can thank us later.

    Parents are saying:

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