Parents and churches want to help their children’s faith develop, but teaching about God and the Bible can seem like a daunting task. Olive Branch Books, the religious-instruction imprint of Well-Trained Mind Press, is committed to providing parents and teachers with the best possible educational materials: carefully researched, designed for busy parents and teachers to use with maximum ease and minimum preparation time, and free from narrow denominational  and political agendas. We are a small but growing company, a partnership between publishers, artists, theologians, parents, and teachers, and we’re ready to help you guide your child into a mature, thoughtful faith.

Our Telling God’s Story series provides scripted instructor lessons (for home or classroom settings) on the stories of the Gospels, while the Activity Books provide supplemental resources for every lesson.

For young readers, our Graphic Novels bring the stories and lessons of the Bible to vivid life.

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