Renaissance & Early Modern

With a deep knowledge of history and a keen sense of storytelling drama, Jim Weiss brings his masterful audio narration to the lives of George Washington, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Sacagawea, as well as classic adventures like Treasure Island, A Tale of Two Cities, Gulliver’s Travels, and Rip van Winkle. Also don’t miss his hilarious collection of American tall tales, featuring Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, and Johnny Appleseed.

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  • Jim Weiss Presidential Bundle $59.80
  • Sale! Jim Weiss Distant Lands Bundle $74.75 $61.91
  • Sale! Jim Weiss Renaissance Bundle $74.75 $67.30
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America $10.95$14.95
  • Placeholder The Count of Monte Cristo $12.95$19.95
  • Electoral Apocalypses: The Complete Series (Downloadable MP3s) $10.99
  • Electoral Apocalypses, Episode 1: Poison Pens & Pistols at Dawn: Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr, & the Election of 1800 (Downloadable MP3) $2.99
  • Electoral Apocalypses, Episode 2: A House Divided: The Election of 1860 and the Coming of the Civil War (Downloadable MP3) $3.99
  • Galileo and the Stargazers $10.95$14.95
  • Genius, Times Four Genius, Times Four $10.95$14.95
  • George Washington: First in the Hearts of His Countrymen $10.95$14.95
  • Gone West: Bold Adventures of American Explorers and Pioneers $10.95$14.95
  • Sale! The Jungle Book $6.58$10.95
  • Masters of the Renaissance $10.95$14.95
  • Sale! A Tale of Two Cities $6.58$10.95
  • Tales from Cultures Far and Near $10.95$14.95
  • Thomas Jefferson’s America $10.95$14.95