From Sherlock Holmes’s London to Harry Truman’s White House, from Harriet Tubman’s daring rescues to Grace Hopper’s pioneering work as a computer programmer, Jim Weiss sheds light on the past 150 years of history and literature, with stories that will thrill, amuse, and inspire your whole family.

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  • Jim Weiss Presidential Bundle $59.80
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America $10.95$14.95
  • Boxcar Children The Boxcar Children $12.95$19.95
  • Electoral Apocalypses: The Complete Series (Downloadable MP3s) $10.99
  • Electoral Apocalypses, Episode 3: The Whole World Is Watching: Riots, Radicals, and the Election of 1968 (Downloadable MP3) $3.99
  • Genius, Times Four Genius, Times Four $10.95$14.95
  • Gone West: Bold Adventures of American Explorers and Pioneers $10.95$14.95
  • Sale! Heroes, Horses, and Harvest Moons Illustrated Reader $11.96$16.46
  • Sale! Heroes, Horses, and Harvest Moons Digital Bundle $25.90 $18.15
  • Sale! Heroes, Horses, and Harvest Moons Physical Bundle $36.90 $24.23
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles $10.95$14.95
  • I Said I Could and I Did: True Stories of 20th-Century Americans, Updated Edition Audiobook $10.95$14.95
  • I, Too, Sing America: Stories and Poems Honoring Black Lives and History Audio Collection $9.95
  • My Father's Dragon Cover My Father’s Dragon, Audiobook $10.95$14.95
  • Mystery! Mystery! for Children $10.95$14.95
  • Sherlock Holmes for Children Audiobook Cover Sherlock Holmes for Children $10.95$14.95
  • Sympathy, by Paul Laurence Dunbar $0.00
  • A Treasury of Wisdom: Stories of Hope and Inspiration $10.95$14.95
  • Sale! Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea $6.58$10.95
  • Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the American Civil War $10.95$14.95